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HD300 Solar Pump Inverter.

HEDY INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO. LTD HD300 Solar pump inverter Application case: Agricultural irrigation. forest irrigation ,landscape fountain. fish pond. highway greening.

HD700 AC Drive

HEDY GROUP is a diversified group company that sets up a number of subsidiaries, operating different types of products: industrial automation, IT, household appliance, real estate, hotel, medicine and so on. Its subsidiary "HEDY Holding Co., Ltd." listed in 2004.
We have dedicated ourselves to be one of the world's top industrial control equipment suppliers.

  • Internal diagnostics will tolerate a lower input voltage
  • Whenever possible, the controller attempts to regulate the pump load in a manner that optimizes for maximum power transfer from the solar array.
  • The drive manually switches to AC backup power( when available) if the DC primary source is unable to support pump operation.
  • TI DSP technology and Infineon PIM design, high quality.
  • MPPT function is available.
  • An easy to interface is provided to enhance configurability and enable remote system monitors.
  • A four-digit seven-segment display provides a detailed indication of systems status.
  • Two line display keypad is options.
  • Built in RS485 ports through 7.5kw, laptop software control is available.

  • Protection features: Electronic monitoring gives the controller the capability to monitor the system and automatically shut down in the even of: Dry run conditions- with smart pump monitoring, High voltage surge, Low input voltage, Open motor circuit, Short circuit, Over heat, Earth fault, Phase missing.
  • Dry Protection:If no water in the ground, the water pump will stop working automaticallly and when the water comes, starts to working automatically.
  • Automatic Working:When the sunshine not good then pumps slow down automatically and when sunline become good then go on working.
  • Save Cost/Directly Connect Solar Panel: Solar panel connects solar inverter directly and to the pump. Also control the water level in the tank. No enough water in the tank working fast, enough water will stop working automatically. (how much water you need, you can set parameters).
  • Speed & frequency control, No need battery: 0-320hz output by Vector control/0-3200hz output by VF control. No need battery in system.

Applications : petroleum, chemical, melting, hoisting, electric power, building materials, water supply, plastics, textiles, printing, packing Belt-type conveyors winches and other industries.

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